Kirt Bateman

kirt bateman

1. Where are you from?

Born and raised on a dairy farm (yep, a farmer!) in West Jordan, Utah.

2. What is your high school mascot?

Go Jaguars! 

3. When did you join Dr. Pam Enterprises?

July 2018

4. What is your favorite book?

Loving What Is by Byron Katie

5. Favorite song?

Unworthy of Your Love by Stephen Sondheim

6. Favorite film?

It’s a tie: Tootsie and The Color Purple

7. Favorite color?

Sapphire Blue

8. Favorite food?

Yes!  Oops, uh, I mean, favorite would have to be Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (almost any flavor) when it’s time to splurge with my husband on a home movie night.

9. What was the name of your very first pet?

Cinnamon, the most loving cat ever.

10. Where is your “favorite place” in the world?

On a stage, with the stage lights on, and an audience either pitch quiet, sobbing hysterically, or (best of all) laughing their guts out.

11. Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Three-way tie: 

  • LOCAL:  Fish Lake, UT
  • EAST: New York City, NY
  • WEST: Laguna Beach, CA

12. Complete this sentence, “One day I will see…”

“All the colors everyone else can see.”

13. What sound/noise do you love?

My son’s belly laugh.

14. Share a word or quote that is special to you.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, change, and innovation.” Brené Brown

Dr. Pam Nichols

Pamela Nichols, DVM

Dr. Pamela Nichols earned her doctorate in veterinary medicine from Colorado State University in 1996 and opened her first practice, Animal Care Center (ACC), in 1999. ACC maintains continuous American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation and has been honored with six consecutive years of Utah’s Best of State Award. Dr. Pam–an advocate for lifelong education–obtained her rehabilitation certification in 2004 and opened The K-9 Rehab Center to care for special needs pets and working dogs.

Utah Dog Park (UDP), her first daycare/boarding facility opened in Woods Cross in 2010 and expanded services into Salt Lake City at the 27,000 -square-foot UDP-Airport facility. Dr. Pam opened a second ACC location at the facility, allowing for a full slate of veterinary services onsite for daycare/boarding guests while providing SLC’s west side with a world-class veterinary clinic. 2018 has been an exciting year for Dr. Pam and her staff of over 100 dedicated animal care professionals with the addition of Utah Pet Hospice and Utah Virtual Vet, two new client-focused services at ACC.

Dr. Pam was personally honored with Utah Businesswoman of the Year in 2006 and was included as one of The 30 Women to Watch in Utah in 2017. She serves as Vice President of AAHA and is a member of the Utah State Veterinary Licensing Board. She has a passion for and speaks nationally on embracing change and creating a positive, vibrant, and inclusive culture in veterinary practice.

She is an instrument-rated private pilot and in addition to volunteering her time flying disatvantaged youth around and above the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, her hobbies are snow- and water-skiing, and horseback riding. She has the one and only Charlotte Foster, a cat named Luna, and daughter, Elaine.