Jennifer McCammant

1. Where are you from?

 Born in Arkansas, raised in Salt Lake City.

2. What is your high school mascot?

 Our high school mascot was an Owl.

3. When did you join Dr. Pam Enterprises?

 I joined Utah Dog Park in June of 2012.

4. What is your favorite book?

 My favorite book is “Travels” by Michael Crichton.

5. Favorite song?

 Favorite song would have to be “We Belong” by Pat Benetar.

6. Favorite film?

“Death Proof” by Quentin Tarantino.

7. Favorite color?


8. Favorite food?

 Indian curry- yum!

9. What was the name of your very first pet?

 My very first pet was a cat named Boo Boo.

10. Where is your “favorite place” in the world?

 My favorite place in the world is anywhere that touches the ocean.

11. Where is your favorite vacation spot?

 California, because we get to see the San Diego Zoo!

12. Complete this sentence, “One day I will see…”

 “One day I will see” the Netherlands.

13. What sound/noise do you love?

 I love the sound of my dog lightly snoring.

14. Share a word or quote that is special to you.

 “Change without pain is impossible, for man is both the marble and the sculptor.”

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