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Welcome! My name is Dr. Pam Nichols, Founder and CEO of Dr. Pam, Inc. (DPI), which owns and operates Animal Care Center, Utah Pet Hospice, Utah Virtual Vet, Utah Dog Park, and Idaho Dog Park.

By associating an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)-Accredited Veterinary Hospital (Animal Care Center) with a full-service boarding/daycare facility (Utah Dog Park), I am confident that we provide the best and most comprehensive pet care possible. We are close to achieving our goal of serving the Wasatch Front from “head to tail” with the addition of the third veterinary hospital (Animal Care Center—Daybreak) and pet daycare/boarding facility (Utah Dog Park—Daybreak) in South Jordan coming early in 2019. The brand new Idaho Dog Park serves downtown Boise and the surrounding areas and is also associated with an AAHA-Accredited Animal Hospital (WestVet).

I am exceptionally proud to have founded We Care Fund, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that sprang to life when a generous client helped me assist another client in need. We Care Fund is dedicated to increasing the quality-of-life of pets in low-income, homeless, and deployed-military-service families. This non-profit organization is fueled by passion from each member of my team; their dedication, loving care, and donated time continues to grow the fund. Dr. Pam, Inc. proudly remains its primary sponsor.

I take pride in my team of like-minded individuals; those who value kindness, compassion, and excellence. We truly strive to treat each pet as if it were our own, devoting ourselves to excellent and intentional care of our clients and patients. Equally important, we are committed to each other. While I cannot pinpoint exactly how it came to be, nevertheless we are a chosen family over 110 strong as of the 4th quarter of 2018. Our “family” mantra is: “We are here to make good things happen for other people and their pets”. I derive enormous pride and joy from this. To better understand my team, I would direct you to www.gofundme.com/drstephandryanrebuild. It is a beautiful example of kindness, caring, and love for a teammate.

Veterinary medicine has traditionally been a low-paying “job.” It is rare for veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, groomers, and animal care attendants to make a career in the profession. Stressful work environments coupled with low wages create a revolving-door job rather than a fulfilling career. Veterinarians, who often cite a passion for and love for animal wellness as the reason for their entry into the field, burn out due to low salary and high student loan debt. In 2013, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that veterinarians had the highest debt-to-income ratio of all medical-based professions. Even worse, the suicide rate in veterinary medicine is more than double the national average. My personal remedy is working with AAHA on their Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative. So here at DPI, we find the right people first, then find them the position wherein success and personal fulfillment are most likely. Instrumental in creating a career rather than a job is building the right culture, providing appropriate training, and offering satisfying compensation. My goal is a team of long-term, career-minded individuals. Quality of life is directly related to quality of work; I don’t believe you can have one without the other.

Soon, you’ll be able to return to this website to see every job opportunity available at each division of Dr. Pam, Inc. We’ll also have an employee listing and biographies of each member of our family. It’s pure joy to be able to show off my team to the world.

I’m very excited to start the Ask Dr. Pam Blog Series. Using YOUR questions coupled with chatter and newsworthy stories within the pet care industry, my team will decide the topic of your weekly blog. This will be an opportunity for you to get answers to your questions about pet care, veterinary care, or business and employee care—we welcome them all! Each week, I’ll answer one. As is a hallmark of DPI, if I do not feel like I am the best person to answer your question, I’ll invite a specialist to comment. I hope that Ask Dr. Pam is a way for us to connect virtually. Odds are, if there’s a question you want to ask me, there are 100 other people also seeking an answer to the same question.

The businesses that comprise DPI began two decades ago when I opened my first private practice veterinary hospital in West Bountiful, UT (Animal Care Center remains our flagship veterinary facility). We have spent twenty years (1) exceeding clients’ expectations by fulfilling both spoken and unspoken needs. (2) Finding answers to your pets’ problems expediently—rather than guessing, offering trial treatments, or simply providing band-aids (which frequently waste both time and money). (3) Defining our core values and expressing them at every opportunity: kindness, compassion, and excellence. From receptionist to groomer, kennel technician to veterinarian; each team member who has the privilege of and responsibility for caring for your pet within any division of Dr. Pam, Inc., will demonstrate these values.

Finally, I humbly ask for your patience as we determine how DrPamInc.com can BEST serve both the pet-owning public and our community of pet caregivers. Becoming an organization which provides answers and innovation to today’s pet-care community is an exciting new project and I am thrilled that you’ve found your way to the launch of our website! Please check back soon… and often!


Dr. Pam
Founder & CEO
Dr. Pam, Inc. (DPI)

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